July Wallpapers (aka… We’re Back!)

Okay, I know I’ve said it before. And probably another time after that.

But this time I really mean it.

We are back in action. 

(I mean, it’ll probably be a sort of slow, part-time, low-level action, but anything is better than nothing, right?)

Here’s a blessing, three months off has made me SO excited to get to work again. I feel like I have thousands of new ideas.

Most of them are tied to one key thought – I need to remember what this business was supposed to be about.

Dear Traveler is meant to be an Ebeneezer company – our passion is about making time to remember what we truly value, and what is really true in the midst of a thousand distractions. We want to reframe our thinking so that everywhere we look (not just on Sundays or during bible study) we see the fingerprints of a loving maker.

We really believe that a worldview like that is the key to a life filled with deep and abundant joy.

So in light of that purpose, I’ve decided to streamline all our social media.

Instead of our usual random assortment of pics and in-progress we’re going to focus each month on simple truths to remember around a theme (because, this is a girl who loves to work to a theme. You should see Little Bean’s nursery).

This month we’re wanting to focus on prayer.

So please, download these backgrounds that we’ve joyfully prepared for you, but don’t just ogle at sunflowers set your mind and your heart to remember the fundamentality of prayer to our lives. And take a moment to do a bit, right then, right there.

If you want a few more ebeneezers as the month goes on, feel free to follow us on Instagram or like our Facebook page. (There should be a link on the side of the page)

Many thanks! All the heart eyes.




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