// Hello and welcome //

If you’ve been looking through our (absolutely fabulous) website and found yourself filled with burning questions like, “Who are these people?” “Where do these unspeakably beautiful cards come from?” “What’s up with the penguin?” — you’ve come to the right place.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

// The Company //


“Dear Traveler was dreamed up years before it was opened. After finishing an intense bible training year, I was convicted that I’d been spending my life holding career and job in one hand and faith in the other – always caught in endless attempts to find balance between the two. What I needed to do, I realized, was find a way to put those things together – no longer existing in competition, but each enriching the other.” [Maggie Richards]

Dear Traveler is a tiny company with an enormous desire – to reach out to people in all stages of life and offer them a little reminder of the joy and hope found in Christ that makes living so good.

Our products mirror that goal – whether it’s flying prints and lemon prints, or scripture for your walls – our belief is that all good things remind us of God, and we want to help you remember to remember. (And help others to remember too).

“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Jeremiah 6.16


// The People //



Maggie Richards (Creator Extraordinaire)

Pictured here with her extremely handsome husband, Maggie delights in tom-foolery. At the age of 24, life took a big detour when she moved from her home in Oklahoma, USA to the much bigger (and more confusing) world of Southampton, UK when she was offered a job in growing church. Still living there with her husband, she now struggles to comprehend strange phrases likes “swings and roundabouts”, pretends she understands the rules of cricket, and generally tries not to embarrass herself too much. Also, she makes pretty great cards and wall art. (You should check them out).


Little Jerry (Model and Spokes-penguin)

Little Jerry joined our small family during a short pause in his career as a touring musician. Now, after some time recovering from his rock and roll lifestyle, Jerry divides his time between his solo drum tour, modeling product for Dear Traveler, and standing just above our kitchen sink.


// The Products //


Everything we makes starts here – in our tiny little work space in the back of our Southampton home. (Some might call her small, we think she’s cozy.)


Next step is sketching with a side of sketching.

Usually then we sketch some more.

And then if there’s time – more sketches.

(This part is important).


When the sketches look right – then comes the paint! In painting we have one strong belief – MORE COLOR! Because color is for winners (and we think you all are winners).


Our finished paintings are sent off to big fancy scanners and then run through computer programs (see you later dropped paintbrush smear!) to enhance their glamour.


Finally we send the finished images to printers who print them on high quality textured paper (lets keep that hand-painted look as much as possible). The result is a pretty fabulous bit of art that perfect to keep for yourself, or send to a friend.

Oh my goodness. Your friends would love these. You should get them one. Or two!

Check them all out here.