February Wallpaper

Hello Friends!

Can we agree that February is a contentious month? I don’t think February itself can be blamed, but Valentines Day has a way of dividing opinions drastically.

As a February baby, I’m definitely pro-Feb (how can you hate a month you spent most of your childhood counting the day to?) and I’m making it my mission to turn as many people as possible.

So this month, we’re having a celebration of love – both in our memory verse, and in all our social media.

But not just dating/romance/marriage – the terrible ping words of Valentines day. We’re celebrating love in many many forms as what they truly are – reflections of the love we have in Christ.

I’m praying that this month’s scripture memory not only helps you to pause and appreciate the love you have in your life, but also to see in it the mirror of the depth and the riches and glory of the love of Christ.







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